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Thursday, October 11, 2018


6:30 PM - 11:00 PM, October 11

Christopher Harris: Extended Forecast
Urban Video Project

Price: Free
Everson Museum of Art Plaza
401 Harrison St., Syracuse

The works in this exhibition by the award-winning filmmaker each explore the cosmological resonances of the seemingly mundane. In speaking about the broad goals of his work, Harris said, "These are films that are not there to tell an easy story or to narrate a palatable history. They're there to really make you think about and explore cinema's fundamental relationship to American racial identity, pushing us to turn the medium inside out and see how to stretch its potential for new conversations about film and race."

Sunshine State (Extended Forecast)
(2007, 8 minutes)
Somewhere in a quiet outer suburb of the Milky Way Galaxy, we live our lives in the pleasant warmth of our middle-of-the-road star, the Sun. Slowly but surely we will reach the point when there will be one last perfect sunny day. The sun will swell up, scorch the earth, and finally consume it.

28.IV.81 (Bedouin Spark)
(2009, 3 minutes)
This piece approximates a small child's fantasy world in the dark. In a series of close-ups, the nightlight is transformed into a meditative star-spangled sky. An improvisation edited in-camera and shot on a single reel. The stars swirl in silence.

Distant Shores
(2016, 3 minutes)
A sunny afternoon on a tour boat in Chicago is haunted by the specter of other voyages.

On view at UVP's outdoor projection site on the north facade of the Everson Museum of Art from dusk until 11:00 pm.


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